Thursday, April 19, 2012


‎"Never again," in my opinion are empty words. We have had leaders who have had the opportunity to stop our enemies yet they have opted for the more globally popular approach of not offending, not starting up with, not coming under the criticism of, etc. "Never again" must be spoken in words that our enemies understand: preemptive defensive action, an approach that shows that we truly care about our fellow Jews wherever they may live. Would we let guns point at our own children and not disarm (at the very least) the threat???

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Isaiah 53 said...

1)antichrist will be conceived in chorazin, born in bethsaida, reared in capernaum, and will rule from 3rd jewish temple in jerusalem. these four cities are in israel. antichrist is from the tribe of dan. antichrist is master illusionist. people will see that mountains are moving, sun and moon are changing their colors, trees are growing in seconds, sick people are getting healed, possessed are exorcised, fire comes down from the skies, etc. antichrist has a pale face, red eyes, and gloves just like jigsaw puppet from saw movie. antichrist cannot resurrect the dead though. this is how you know that he is fake.
2)mark of the beast is similar to the in time movie tattoo. when people stretch hands to receive a small plastic document like the new small grey world passport, a green 666 tattoo will be given by lasers on forehead or wrist area. rfid chips and electronic tattoos are given so that people can be easily tracked to get 666 lasered. police will laser people on the highways. food stores will be set up to laser people too.
3)demons dress in fake human skin and fly in ufo ships. there are no aliens, only demons. nobody lives on other planets. demons will invite people to be healed in their ufo ships. whoever goes in to be healed, will come out spiritual zombie destined for hell. demons have 4 ufo bases: moon, inside the fake mountain kailas in tibet, underneath mariana trench in pacific ocean (atlantis is here), and in lake baikal in russia.
4)25 meter (80 foot) dinosaurs(man-eaters) live under the ground. they will come out through lakes and sinkholes to eat us. this is punishment for spreading lies about God in the scientific field.